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Call center, Customer care, Telemarketing

"You can't know who's calling, but you may choose who has to answer."


​Call Center, Customer Care, Telemarketing

Outsourcing Contact Center

The perfect partner to manage contact with your customers.
24 hours 24, 365 days a year

Since 1997 TELETIEMPO is the Customer Care H24 division of TIEMPO NORD, and offers to different companies targeted services to simplify their work, to get in touch with the customers and to promote products and services.
The high quality of our services, the presence of operators 24h a day for 365 day a year, the compliance of the current laws concerning the relationships with emploeeys  and co-workers  and the strong attitude between the structure and the customer’s requests makes TELETIEMPO a perfect reference on the market.

TELETIEMPO uses the most advanced technological solutions to make computers, telephones and internet work together perfectly, and checks periodically the quality of the calls and results.
If your aim are saving time, staff and structures, giving the right  power to your marketing strategies, answering to all your customer’s requests in a professional way, TELETIEMPO Customer Care H24 is the answer!


TELETIEMPO is specialized in Customer Care services and hold in a very professional way any kind of toll free numbers, also having the UNI EN 15838 certification for different kind of emergency numbers.
Our inbound operators can easily handle for you  Live Chat and e-mail accounts, and the outbound team could make for you customer satisfaction surveys, phone marketing and sales campaigns, business appointments, debt collections.
TELETIEMPO has also at your disposal, automated services such as IVR (Interactive Voice Response) , automated research of retailers and automated system of  failure reports.

TELETIEMPO could help you to realize your ideas, perfectly interacting with your systems.​​

Thank you: we will reply as soon as possible!

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